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Best Spiritual Christmas Gifts for friends and family

We've all heard the saying, "the best gifts come from the heart," especially if it's given to your loved ones on special occasions like Christmas. It's not always easy to search for the perfect Christmas gift for others, especially when they haven't dropped any hints.

Are you searching for the ideal Christmas present for your loved ones? If so, Living and Powerful have some great options. We offer a selection of top-quality Christian Christmas gifts. This includes Bible verse cards in beautiful gift boxes, Illustrated Journals, Greeting Cards, and more. Take a look for yourself, send a link to a friend or family member, and bless them with a meaningful gift this Christmas.

Why choose a spiritual gift for Christmas?

Well, it can de innately make a welcome change from the usual socks or books that we've come to expect. They are a great way to connect with God's wisdom and voice to you daily.

Why not consider giving one of the Bible verse card gift boxes, greeting cards, art prints, or illustrated journals. It's a wonderful way to enrich, encourage, empower and express your love to them.

Some of the best Christian Christmas Gifts are:

• Bible cards with illustrations

The five-themed gift boxes containing Bible Verses Cards are one of the best Christmas gifts for children as well as adults as they give a fun and eye-catching way to learn, reflect or
even memorize the verses. These cards can help you receive the love of God, help us know Him more, remind us of the truth and bring us into greater intimacy with Him.  And they are so versatile that you can keep them with you wherever you are.

Each card has a verse around one of the five themes. In addition to the forty-five in each box, there is a beautiful magnetic wooden cardholder that can be used to pin the card to any magnetic surface as well as display it on any table. They serve as a constant reminder throughout the day to keep you grounded in His truth and love.

• Illustrated Journal

An illustrated journal is among the best Christmas present for both men and women. It gives another way to journey with the themed verses and illustrations allowing you to reflect and note all that's received. Even if you just use them as a normal notebook it gives you that reminder and ability to reflect on the verses or illustrations as you see them.

The journals contain verses and illustrations printed on one page and then three lined pages for whatever you choose to write.

We hope you agree that these are some of the best Christian Christmas gifts, that you can give to your friends or family. Beautiful, as well as practical. Helping to make the day memorable as well as life-giving.