Christmas and Easter Gifts for Friends & Family

You might have heard a saying from Mother Teresa "Do small things with Great love." Make what is already a great special occasion, like Easter, even more life changing by giving Easter Gifts that give life and encouragement. Has finding the right gift always been a challenge? Living and Powerful makes it easy for you to explore, and choose a gift that will spiritually enrich and strengthen.

Have you been searching for the perfect Catholic gifts, Orthodox gifts, Anglican gifts for this Easter or Christmas? We make it easy for you to explore, choose and gift the best spiritual presents. We have a wide collection of Christian Easter and confirmation gifts at the highest quality. Our collection has Bible Verse Cards presented in beautifully illustrated gift boxes, Illustrated Journals, Art Prints, Greeting Cards, Wooden stands and more. Explore the collection and share the link with your friends and family.

Perks of Choosing Spiritual & Traditional Gifts for Easter or Christmas:

Everything has a belief behind it, and so do the spiritual gifts. The Holy Spirit endows us with generous spirits. All of the confirmation gifts given by Him are for the greater good of the body of Christ and connect deeply with Him and His wisdom.

Walk your wonderful path with the Father, one of enrichment, encouragement, empowerment, and overflowing love to Him and those around you. Surprise your friends and family with Bible verse gift boxes, greeting cards, art prints, or illustrated journals. Help to encourage and build up the Body.

Explore & Select from the Amazing Collection of Easter & Christmas Gifts:

• Illustrated Bible Verse Cards:

There are five themes to choose from, each gift box contains a set of 45 illustrated verse card as well as a magnetic wooden stand. its worth exploring the range and they can be gifted to children or adults alike. The sets contain so many truths that encourage and challenge us. The beautiful illustrations make it fun and appealing to reflect on and learn the verses. Another way for the Holy Spirit to speak to us through the words or illustrations.

And as they are on cards that are not bound you can take them with you wherever you go, dot them around the house or even give them away to encourage others. As they are centred on the Bible, they can be given as gifts to any denomination, no mater where they worship; Orthodox gifts, Catholic gifts, Anglican gifts, Evangelical gifts, Methodist gifts, Baptist gifts, Pentecostal gifts. No matter what the style of worship these are great Christian gifts that we pray will encourage, inspire and build up the beautiful bride of Christ.

• Beautifully Detailed Art Prints:

"The Word of God is the Sword of the Spirit " The Sword of the Spirit art print is based on Ephesians 6:17. It is a detailed black and white image, of a Sword the hilt of which is drawn in the shape of a dove. This wall- hanging art print is an ideal gift to remind and help fight daily battles with the Word received from the Lord for your situation. It constantly reminds us to receive the word of God and yield its power in our daily lives.

• Greeting Cards:

Build your friendships and connections by expressing your love and thoughts. The greeting card packs have five different beautiful greeting cards, and each illustration has its matching envelope. The gold or silver foil is featured in four cards out of five greeting cards in each collection. The Bible verse is also printed inside each card.

• Illustrated Journals:

You can journey each theme using one of our journals. They contain all 45 of the Bible verses and illustrations but in bound form with space for your own thoughts, contemplations or words received. Its a wonderful way to journal and help cement the verses if you are trying to remember them.

Christian Easter Gifts, Christmas gifts, confirmation gifts, birthday gifts from the Living and Powerful resources, keep you encouraged and inspired to receive the love of God and pour it out to others.